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 Next the guests arriving. There were quite alot of natural photos taken at this time. 

Then back to the bride for some slightly more formal portraits. Her father gave her away, and we had time for some special photos with him too.

So now the story starts to unfold - we have the bride before she marries, the groom before he marries and the ceremony all ready for the wedding itself!

Into the wedding ceremony... we had the bridesmaids walking up the aisle, then Ellie, the vows, the exchanging of the rings and first kiss...all perfect!

I like to leave the couple alone after the wedding ceremony, so the guests can all congratulate them. This makes for lovely natural candid shots. Then I take the bride and groom away for the couple photos. This leaves the guests to have a drink and mingle and chat away!

We had lots of lovely family and group photos for Ellie & Sam, and some fun ones as well. It was great weather on this day. 

Some photos of the reception room and personal touches are also lovely, and break up the album too.